Hospital Visitation

Visitation Ministry


            We, as a parish, have committed ourselves to following Jesus' example of ministering to the sick through our visitation programs.  Through these visitation ministries, individuals are able to experience the love, justice, and presence of God through reception of the Holy Eucharist along with spiritual and emotional support.


            "Visitation Ministry" is a broad term which covers ministry to individuals in local hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and to those confined to their home.  To best serve our Roman Catholic community, these visits are made by priests, sisters and deacons, as well as Lay Eucharistic ministers from the local parishes.  Volunteers are always welcome and needed.  Leadership and on-the-job experiences help the individual to become comfortable with visitations.


Rome Hospital Ministry


            Once a week, a team of Lay Eucharistic ministers from our local parishes bring Holy Communion to Catholic patients at Rome Hospital.  Commitment as a team member is one Sunday morning every fifth week for one to two hours.


Nursing Home, Assisted Living and Home-bound Visitation Ministries


            The essence of these ministries is to actively listen, to share prayers, to bring the Sacrament of Holy Communion and to make God's presence known to those suffering the effects of illness, aging or immobility.


            Visitations are made on a regular, or as required, basis to the following locations:


            - Rome Nursing Home, Stonehedge Nursing Home, Betsy Ross Nursing Home, Eastern Star Home, Bethany Gardens, Rome Home.


            - Private residences.


St. Peter's Cemetery

Rev. Philip A. Hearn